Augusta Social Security disability law firm: Harrison and Lamar discuss proving a Social Security disability case based on chronic pain

A large number of Social Security disability clients suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain, or pain that is intense and either constant or intermittent, can be disabling. Unfortunately for chronic pain sufferers, pain cases are difficult to prove because scientific instruments cannot measure. Pain cases often depend on how credible the Social Security Administration (SSA) decision maker finds your description of your pain to be.

If you suffer from chronic pain, SSA will determine the extent to which your pain prohibits you from performing work activities by answering the following questions:

  1. Does objective evidence show that you have a “medically determinable impairment” that can reasonably be expected to cause you pain?
  2. If so, how persistent and intense is your pain and how does it limit your ability to perform simple work activities?

Your credibility can be extremely important for assessing the persistence and intensity of your pain. To determine if you are credible, SSA will consider if your statements about your chronic pain are consistent with the other evidence in your case, including your medical evidence.

Objective evidence of a “medically determinable impairment”

To qualify for Social Security, you must have a “medically determinable impairment” that could cause your chronic pain. A “medically determinable impairment” is a disability or an impairment resulting from anatomical, physiological, or psychological problems that can be established by objective evidence. Objective evidence includes medically acceptable laboratory and clinical diagnostic methods.

A disability claim for chronic pain without objective evidence is insufficient to prove you are disabled. There must be medical signs and laboratory findings demonstrating the existence of medically determinable mental or physical impairments reasonably expected to cause the pain.

Augusta Social Security disability law firm

Are you having trouble working or going to school because of your chronic pain? If so, you should strongly consider getting help from experienced Augusta area Social Security disability attorneys Harrison and Lamar. With their 59 years of combined legal experience, they will make sure that SSA will receive all of the proper evidence it needs to classify you as disabled for Social Security purposes. And, the attorneys at our Augusta Social Security disability law firm will not charge you a fee unless they win your case. To schedule a free initial consultation of your claim, please call the Augusta Social Security disability attorneys at Harrison and Lamar at 706-722-6864.

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