Augusta Social Security disability attorneys Harrison and Lamar give an overview of back pain

If you suffer from either back pain or other chronic spinal injuries that keep you from working, you could qualify for Social Security disability benefits. In fact, the most commonly listed disability on Social Security disability applications is back pain.

Unfortunately, just because you have cited and proven your back pain in your disability application does not mean that you have a good chance of winning your disability claim. The Social Security Administration (SSA) does not consider most back ailments to be severe enough to qualify as a listing under its Listing of Impairments. Therefore, for you to win your claim for Social Security disability benefits, you will probably have to show proof that your “residual functional capacity” to work is severely restricted due to your back pain, and that you are unable to work or to function or work because of your back pain.
The SSA, in its evaluation of your back pain, will consider both objective evidence of your medical symptoms (through x-ray findings, lab tests, doctor’s reports, etc.) and subjective reports of your pain in addition to considering your credibility, or your trustworthiness.

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Objective medical evidence of your symptoms, including X-rays

In many cases, back pain sufferers like you have severe back pain but do not have the objective medical findings to prove it to SSA. In fact, medical imaging like x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and computerized tomography (CT) are unreliable indicators of degenerative joint disease and severe osteoarthritis. Additionally, there are times when x-rays have shown that the degenerative joint disease or the osteoarthritis is severe, but the person who has the condition may not have any pain or any symptoms. More importantly, there are some people who have x-rays indicating mild symptoms but those people may actually suffer from pain so severe that they are unable to function.

Augusta area Social Security disability attorneys at Harrison and Lamar can help you file for disability

Because back pain is so hard to prove, you should consider getting help from experienced Augusta Social Security disability attorneys Harrison and Lamar. With their 59 years of combined legal experience, they will make sure that your treating physicians provide SSA with detailed explanations to support their diagnoses for the causes of your back pain. They will also gather both objective and subjective evidence that will help give the SSA an overall accurate picture of your back injury. The attorneys at Harrison and Lamar will not charge you a fee unless they win your case. To schedule a free initial consultation of your claim, please call the Augusta Social Security disability attorneys at Harrison and Lamar at 706-722-6864.

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